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DIY Sensory Toys: Engaging Activities for Baby

As babies explore the world around them, sensory play becomes a crucial component of their developmental journey. Sensory activities not only captivate a baby's attention but also stimulate their senses, aiding in cognitive and motor skill development. Engaging your little one with DIY best sensory toys adds a personal touch to their playtime experience. In this article, we'll look into some creative and cost-effective ideas to craft sensory toys for your baby.

DIY Sensory Toys

  • DIY Play Kitchen: Transform cardboard boxes into a creative and interactive        play kitchen.

  • Homemade Sensory Toys: Craft sensory toys from household items for engaging, budget-friendly play.

1. Sensory Bottles: A Captivating Visual Experience

Create mesmerizing sensory bottles by filling clear plastic containers with various materials. Combine water with glitter, colorful beads, or small toys to create a visually captivating experience. Securely seal the bottles, ensuring they are leak-proof, and let your baby explore the swirling patterns and floating objects.

2. Texture Boards: Tactile Exploration of DIY toys

Texture Boards:DIY toys

Craft a texture board by attaching different textured fabrics, faux fur, or materials with varying surfaces to a board. Let your baby run their fingers over the different textures, fostering tactile exploration and sensitivity. This DIY sensory board provides a hands-on experience for your little one.

3. Scented Playdough: Multi-Sensory Delight

Enhance the classic playdough experience by adding scents to the mix. You can use natural ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon, or even essential oils. This multi-sensory delight not only engages your baby's sense of touch but also introduces them to different scents, creating a holistic playtime experience. Also Read : Choosing the Right Toys for Different Stages of Infant Development

4. Sensory Bags: Mess-Free Exploration

Construct sensory bags by filling resealable plastic bags with a variety of materials, such as hair gel, beads, or sand. Seal the bags securely and tape them to a flat surface, allowing your baby to explore the textures without the mess. Sensory bags provide a mess-free option for tactile exploration.

5. Fabric Sensory Book: Visual and Tactile Stimulation

Create a fabric sensory book by sewing together different fabrics with varying textures. Incorporate crinkly materials, soft fabrics, and other sensory elements. This DIY book not only provides visual stimulation but also encourages your baby to explore different textures through touch.

6. Soft Rattle Socks: Auditory and Motor Skill Development

Transform ordinary socks into soft rattle socks by placing small rattles or bells inside. Securely stitch or attach the rattles to the toe area. As your baby kicks or moves their legs, the soft rattle socks produce gentle sounds, engaging their auditory senses and encouraging leg movement.

7. Sensory Balloon Bags: Squishy Fun

Fill balloons with various materials like flour, rice, or playdough to create squishy sensory bags. Tie the balloons securely, ensuring they are leak-proof. Babies can enjoy the sensation of squeezing and squishing the balloons, providing a tactile and visual delight.

8. Tummy Time Sensory Mats: Encourage Motor Skills

Craft a tummy time sensory mat by attaching different textured fabrics, mirrors, and crinkly materials to a soft, padded surface. Placing your baby on this mat during tummy time not only encourages motor skill development but also provides a variety of sensory experiences.

9. Ribbon Pull Toy: Visual and Motor Stimulation

Attach colorful ribbons to a lightweight object like a plastic ring or a wooden dowel. Securely fasten the ribbons, creating a visually appealing pull toy. As your baby grasps and pulls the ribbons, they engage in both visual and motor stimulation.

10. Sensory Exploration Bags: Touch and Feel Adventure

Fill small cloth bags with a variety of materials such as dried beans, rice, or soft fabrics. Securely stitch the bags and let your baby explore the different textures through touch. These sensory exploration bags provide a portable and versatile sensory experience.


DIY sensory toys offer a wonderful way to engage your baby's senses and promote their overall development. These simple and creative activities not only provide entertainment but also contribute to crucial milestones in your baby's growth. Remember to supervise your baby during playtime and ensure that all materials used in DIY sensory toys are safe and age-appropriate.


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